Who are we?

Zoo Compost Club is an innovative open air experimental lab in Berlin that recycles organic waste locally and in a natural way.

Waste is an human invention. What is considered waste for us is still perfectly edible to animals such as chickens, larvae and redworms.

Why transport the waste hundreds of kilometers when we can recycle it locally in our neighborhood? We intend to occupy the unused spaces of the city and there, take care of animals in a dignified way while they recycle the waste of the neighbors.

The first Zoo Compost Station is based in Peace of Land (Community Garden), mentored by the Permakultur Akademie and supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


We can choose today the future that we want for our kids.


     Which side are you on?

What is Zoo Composting?

It's an innovative and descentralizated way to upcycle organic waste by using the best aptitude of each animal

The Zoo Compost Station is a place where different living beings can recycle the organic waste from the neighbours.

At the station, the chickens eat the food scraps that are still edible, the larvae digest the fat and the hard-to-decompose residues while the worms happily eat the vegetable leftovers.

As a result, we obtain fresh bio eggs and high-quality ecological fertilizer in a very short time.

Since it is only a small amount of waste, the station is simple to manage, does not smell bad or attract rats. Also, the kids have a new community center to learn how to take care of the planet.


Why should you bring your organic waste to the station and not to the Bio-container?


This is a pilot project with an intent to get replicated in developing countries. Supporting the project you will help to create new jobs in the future.


This is also a place to make friends. Come to learn how to give back the nutrients to the soil, bring the kids and get to know your neighbours.


The station is a place where your waste is transformed into resources again. The fertilizer will be used to make your neighbourhood greener and flowering. By truck it is only smog and carbon.


Choose one of the disposing places near you to save time or bring it to us to receive special rewards from the nature.

Become a volunteer

Are you interested in learning about composting? Be part of our open-air laboratory and discover with us many alternatives for recycling and compost production in cities.

What do you need to be a volunteer?

  • Be interested in nature/environment
  • Enjoy working outside (sun, rain, wind, cold, warm, insects, worms, life in general)
  • Have no problem with getting your hands, shoes and/or clothes dirty
  • Speak at least one of these languages: Deutsch, English, Português or Español
  • Be curious and have desire to learn

  • No previous experience is needed.

    Contact us and let's do composting together!



Are you interested to know how to make compost at home? Do you want to implement a composting system in your neighbourhood or school?

We can help you!

Our team has an experience of more than 8 years of teaching people composting. Thanks to our workshop, thousands of people from different countries are transforming waste into life again.

Request your Workshop

Contents of the workshop:

  • How to build a household composting system
  • Taking care of the well-beings in the compost
  • Kind of waste that should be thrown in to get better results
  • The role of the redworms
  • Harvesting solid and liquid fertilizers
  • Overview about Permaculture, Circular Economy, Zero Waste and Best Environmental Practices


Public recognition over the years


Young Environmental Ambassador

United Nations Environment Programme


Younth Initiatives Programme

Sylvan/Laureate Foundation


Green Project Award

National Institute of Technology of Brazil


Yuzz "Young people with ideas"

Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre y Deusto Business School


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